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IKO Linear Motor Table Series LT...CE/LT...LD/LT...H

IKO Linear Motor Table LT LT...CE/LT...LD/LT...H

Linear Motor Table LT is a direct drive positioning table featuring a low sectional height and light weight. An AC linear servo motor and an optical linear scale are compactly integrated in the moving table and bed made of aluminum alloy, and miniature type linear motion rolling guides IKOLinear Way L are assembled in the table guide section. Linear Motor Table LT, adopting a C-shaped magnet yoke arranged in-between two stator magnets together with a moving coil, provides large driving force and achieves high speed and quick response positioning. Linear Motor Table LT is most suitable for applications requiring high speed operation such as semi-conductor and liquid crystal related equipment, measuring instruments, assembling systems, material transfer equipment.
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Product Features

Maximum thrust 900N for high thrust series
Compactness and high thrust were pursued by adopting miniature optical linear scale and C-shaped magnet yoke. Maximum thrust 900N is achieved by high-density coil arrangement. Also, Compact Series output 450N with the total height only 40 mm.
High acceleration and high response with a smooth motion
High acceleration and high response positioning can be made due to super light weight moving table and high thrust. The table can travel with a smooth motion by using C-shaped magnet yoke which cancels out magnet forces and eliminates the unnecessary load on the linear motion rolling guides. Also, C-Lube Linear Way, long term maintenance free type, is adopted for their linear motion rolling guides.
High resting stability and speed stability
High resting stability is achieved by the latest servo technology. This linear motor can be used as a high accurate positioning device. Also, high speed stability is achieved.
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